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One of the biggest hurdles in the competency-based education world is that not every school or district divides learning into the same pieces. Where one district may declare A, B and C to all be very separate nuggets of learning, another may determine that they are inseparable and others may not see any need for them at all.

This makes the sharing of competency-based curriculum and experiences difficult, forcing educators to know not only their own extensive library of competencies, but also how they translate to others.

competency mapping is an initiative that seeks to allow each district the flexibility of structuring their competencies as they see fit, while still allowing them to tie into a common database of competencies to maintain a map of how the different collections relate to one another. Using technology to do the heavy-lifting, districts can easily upload, edit and map their own collection of learning to the Common Core or another district’s collection, and from there can easily see how content and student progress translates from one to another. is tied directly into the LevelUp Anytime platform, allowing each user to see content and progress in the competency collection that makes the most sense to him or her.