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With a change to a competency-based education system, it is critical that you have a solid team behind you for the guidance and support you’ll need for success. Our staff have personal experience in a competency-based school district, backgrounds as effective developers and researchers, and enjoy collaborative relationships with key players from all over the world that we have met with along the way. We have a deep and complex understanding of the essentials for managing the change to competency-based education and for ensuring the success we all want to see in our students.

This is our passion! Let us share our understanding of what quality competency-based education can look like. If we can help you through any stage of your planning, implementation, or refinement, please contact us. We would be more than happy to work with you, send resources your way, or put you in touch with other relevant experts in this field.



Effective SC’s Competency-based Tenets

Learning is the Constant

Everyone would agree that learning should always be at the core of what schools do. In a competency-based system it is more important than ever to ensure the appropriate things are being taught and assessed at the appropriate times. Along with this focus on learning and assessing when it is right for students, comes the shift to recognizing and accepting other learning experiences that may have not originated in the traditional school environment. Effective SC wants to help you make the connection between learning – no matter where and when it happens – and progress in your students’ educational pathways.

We believe:

  • Learners should work at their appropriate developmental instructional level in content areas based on a their demonstrated performance and understanding.

  • Standards and supporting materials should be made available and understandable to teachers, students and parents. All stakeholders should know what is expected, how to achieve it, and what  a learning pathway looks like.

  • Evidence toward proficiency for all standards should be measured and recorded over time.

  • A learner’s progress should be scored and reported using a proficiency scale instead of traditional letter grades.

Time is the Variable

In a true competency-based system, courses, semesters, and years don’t hold the same importance as in a traditional school system that moves students along based on a set schedule. We know that students all learn at different paces, so educators should allow them to move and progress according to their individual needs and schedules. Effective SC can help you think about and implement learning environments that are student-centric, not school-centric.

We believe:

  • Traditional grade levels make it too easy to move students through their education based on a preset schedule, not based on learning.

  • Learners should be able to advance to the next level of content once proficiency has been achieved and validated, not based on seat time.

  • Progression to more advanced content should be able to occur at any time for any content area.

  • At the beginning of the traditional school year calendar, learners should be able to resume their learning at the point where they left off the previous year.

  • Social promotion to the next level of content builds academic holes.

  • It should be normal that learners are at different levels of understanding across a variety of content areas.

  • Multi-age classrooms should be a norm not an exception.

Personalized Delivery

Driving the learning that happens in a competency-based system, personalized instruction and assessment allows students to engage with their learning while supporting the many individual learning pathways that can exist in a school. When students progress as they demonstrate proficiency, and as schools begin to recognize other learning experiences, personalized learning plans become an essential component of a student’s education. Effective SC is poised to help schools and teachers identify learning opportunities, gather data, and make sense of it all to better understand what students should be learning and how they can best learn it.

We believe:

  • Learners should be able to progress at their own pace, with teacher guidance, based on demonstrating proficiency in standards.

  • Learning should be personalized through goal setting, student choice and integrating external learning experiences with appropriate in-school instruction.

  • Students should have the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency over time and in a variety of ways.

  • Support and scaffolding for all learners, especially the struggling learners, is provided through focused support services to meet the area of need. There is no retention, just continued progress and learning.

Systemic and Systematic in Nature

Moving to a competency-based system of education is not something that can simply be layered upon a traditional system. It isn’t just a program that is implemented or a system that changes just a few school experiences. In order to successfully create a personalized and student-centric system of education, all stakeholders must understand the vision and processes that drive the new competency-based system. Effective SC is able to help you create your shared vision, and your school-wide and district-wide processes that will help guide you and your students along their learning pathways.

We believe:

  • Schools and districts are more effective when there is a shared vision that has been developed with and embraced by all stakeholders.

  • Common classroom practices, expectations, and instructional language across all schools for educators and learners are key components of quality schools.

  • Universal structures, support systems, and standard operating procedures are essential when implementing any change.

  • Budgets, policies, daily schedules, and school calendars should all be elements of support in a competency-based system, not roadblocks that need to be overcome.

Continually Learning and Improving

Educators believe their students should always be improving and learning. We believe the same is true for teachers, schools, and districts. When implementing change in an education system, staying in touch with stakeholders, collecting data, and creating plans to best bring about change will help create a system that best addresses the needs of everyone. Effective SC is ready to help you think through issues you may face, to carry out research, and to help you create a system that encourages consistent improvement.

We believe:

  • Continuous learning and improving is beneficial to all reform efforts.

  • All stakeholders benefit when they are are able to access feedback from wide and varied sources.

  • Change does not have to be an indicator of failure. It should be evidence of improvement.

  • All stakeholders should feel comfortable identifying areas of needed improvement.



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 So… How Can We Help?

 Every learner has different strengths, weaknesses  and needs. Let us give you the help you need.

Effective SC doesn’t just offer a canned system of Professional Development sessions, webinars, and handouts that explain how to get from point A to point B. That’s because we understand that all teachers and schools are starting with different strengths and challenges. In order to help you make the changes you want to see, Effective SC will partner with you to assist in identifying your school’s or district’s goals and to plan the technology and processes you need to reach them.


What do we bring to the table to help you?

  • Competency-based education experience
  • Technology implementation and integration
  • Systems and processes expertise
  • Software development
  • High quality design



Helping educators enact change and improve education is what we love to do.

If we can help you do this, please let us know!