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This year’s Digital Media Learning Competition is focused on the idea of using badges to promote learning. We believe this is a great fit with the work that Effective SC has already begun and plan on submitting a proposal to the competition.

From what has been discussed online, it appears as if badging education can be a fairly polarizing topic. We’ve seen the argument that badging helps encourage and track learning that otherwise might go unnoticed. We have also seen people that believe badging will be a tool that schools will use to motivate students for the wrong reason and to interfere with learning that is taking place naturally. We can appreciate both viewpoints and would not want to create a tool that students feel intrudes into their private learning environments, yet we see the benefit of allowing student to make connections between their formalized schooling and any other learning experiences they see fit. We believe that creating tools and processes that feel light weight and encourage data portability is a good way to allow these types of connections to be utilized by learners when it suits them.

We’ll see where this takes us…


Interested in the DML Competition? Check out these resources from them:

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