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After our first meeting with some representatives from Adams County School District 50, they shared a funny story that we think illustrates our potential future with them.

They had agreed to come down to our offices for an introductory meeting. It was scheduled as time to get to know each other, time for them to hear our proposal, and hopefully plan some future meetings. Well, they showed up, then one of them had to step out after only 30 minutes. She came back to the meeting and we dove deep into possibilities, the work their district has done up to this point, and what struggles they have faced with reforming their system of education. A few hours into it, we broke for lunch and the conversations continued. It really felt like a good match between EffectiveSC and Adams 50.

A few weeks later, we learned why the district representative had to excuse herself after 30 minutes. She told us that the district is always approached by vendors and technology companies that say they have the answer to our problems, without ever really understanding the district and the problems we face. When she agreed to the initial meeting she told her coworker that she was going to only put 30 minutes into the parking meter. She said that was the amount of time she was going to give this company that she figured would deliver yet another sales pitch. I guess we made a good impression.


Jeni, thanks for dropping a few more quarters into the meter and spending time with us.


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