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After researching educational reform efforts, we learned about the work that the Chugach School District has done in Alaska in conjunction with the Re-Inventing School Collation. It all made sense. They were making school about learning. Although it wasn’t a brand new concept, their system of allowing students to move on to new content when they have demonstrated proficiency means they didn’t worry about grades and grade levels. A system like theirs could be the answer to the problems that Sir Ken Robinson shared in his now famous talk about changing education paradigms. (you really should watch it if you haven’t yet!)


How thrilled were we when we then learned about Adams County School District 50! Right in our backyard, they were a school district that is attempting to make some of the same shifts that proved valuable in Alaska. We set out to make contact and see if we could learn more.


In March, Lance attended an Adams 50 Board of Education meeting and introduced himself to their Executive Director of Learning Services. After a short conversation, and trading business cards, Lance left and waited and hoped for a call.


And the call came! A meeting was set up with the district’s DIrector of Assessment and Instructional Technology for the following week. At this point, we have been able to meet a few times. We are learning a lot about the district, their reform efforts, as well as pain points that we might be able to help them with. It appears to be the start of something exciting!

We are so excited to work with you guys and look forward to creating change with you.

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