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“Technology will never replace teachers. Great teachers are empowered by great technology.” -@arneduncan

As we see more and more technology attempting to make an impact on education, we often hear about fears that people have. Fears such as… They want technology to replace teachers. Technology can never really know students like a teacher can. Technology will reduce teaching memorization and to multiple choice assessments.

Of course it would be a horrible situation if any of these fears were actually realized, but we need to be mindful of the fact that technology can also make sure thee things don’t happen. We can help teachers feel more effective and more valued, helping them stay in teaching. We can free up teachers from mundane tasks so they can spend valuable face-to-face time with their students. We can use technology to provide deeper learning experiences and authentic audiences.


A few additional related thoughts…

  1. Technology shouldn’t be a tech vs. teacher situation. Technology should be supporting what teachers are doing.
  2. Technology isn’t always the answer.
  3. If technology is causing unwanted changes in education we may be using the wrong technology, but we need to realize it might also just be bad implementation.


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